Sensual Tantric Massage

Sensual, Erotic Massage for the discerning woman

Get relaxed with a sensual, erotic Tantric massage by a mature male masseur with over 25 years of experience.

Mainly serving women for a full body sensual massage with guaranteed orgasms.

Based near to Leamington Spa in a very quiet and discreet village

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Welcome to

Sensual Tantric Massage

Hi I am Del.

I have been massaging women, men, and couples for over 25 years with very satisfied clients. 

I believe in absolute satisfaction for my clients and I will strive to give you the best, most relaxing and sensual massage.

I mainly offer my services to the discerning woman that feels the need for some sexual satisfaction without sex.

This is purely a massage service and not a sex service.

I have been giving my massages for over 25 years to many happy clients who return to me when the need arises for some relaxing and sensual time away from their home life.

I am situated in a very quiet village and my home is both private and discreet.

So if you have not experienced this kind of massage before then you are in for a treat.

I mainly give naturist massages, meaning I am naked as well as my client, as I feel this helps to relax my client and gives them the natural sensual arousal before the massage starts.

If this is not to your liking then I can tailor your massage to what will suit you best.

Just contact me for a chat by phone or by email and I am sure I can work out the best solution for you.

What is Tantric massage you might ask?

A tantric massage is a physical act of touch that aims to enlighten those interacting in it, through harnessing sexual energy in the body.

Unlike traditional types of holistic massage, tantric massage can involve nudity and a focus on the Vagina (known as the ‘Yoni’ in tantra) or Penis (known as the ’Lingam’ in tantra) create a full-body orgasm experience.

In a tantric massage, the idea is that the ‘giver’, or masseur, in this case, will focus on giving pleasure to the ‘receiver’ i.e. you.

The idea is to simply lay back and experience the pleasure of the tantric massage as a receiver.

By bringing your arousal levels up and down, your masseur should take you on a journey of seduction that makes you ride ‘waves of pleasure’.
Specifically, the expectation is for the receiver to reach an orgasm at the end of the session through the stimulation of the  Yoni or Lingam with some body to body massage.

The use of natural candles to create serenity along with aromatherapy is used.
Relaxing music is played to provide a serene audio background and complete the sensory experience.

I use good quality, hypoallergenic massage oils,  heated to remain warm.
Sometimes essential oils can also be added into the massage oil mix to include aromatherapy benefits for your session if you wish.

I will provide you with a quick consultation before the massage starts.
This is important for both parties to understand what is expected, or included in the session, so no misunderstandings occur.
It also gives us a  great opportunity to get to know each other.
The standard etiquette is that money is exchanged before any massage services are commenced.

I will begin to massage the back of your body, using warm oils with my hands moving in a free-flowing motion.
You will experience a wonderful touch sensation on your back, shoulders, and arms all the way down to your buttocks and rear thighs.

You may feel the soft brush of my body against your leg with my hands moving up and down your back in a rhythmic type fashion
very similar to that experienced during sex.
All the while, my hands will also be searching and caressing every part of you, edging nearer to your bottom and inner thighs moving ever nearer to your Yoni.

Your labia will be massaged as you lay there and also your clitoris will be excited at the same time with some penetration of my fingers inside you.

When asked, you will turn over to lay on your back and your head will rest on the pillow.
You are now in a position to expose your pelvic area to me and also be able to enjoy the visuals of the massage as I massage you.
Now you are facing me so expect to see my eyes exploring the whole of your body which will create a very erotic and deep connection.

The Yoni Massage

Even though the genital area would have already received some stimulation, especially around the perineum,
the massage will increasingly now focus more on the Yoni.

I will place each foot on the table therefore exposing your Yoni to me allowing me better access for the Yoni massage.
Touch techniques that focus on different parts of the genitals will be performed in order to build up your arousal and ‘energise’ your erogenous zone.
These may be sensations that you have never felt before and can be extremely pleasurable and should bring you to an intense orgasm which I will happily carry on giving you for as long as your body can take the intensity of many climaxes.

So don't be shy just contact me for the best massage you will get.

My Fees.

Tantric Yoni massage for women

I also give a full body and Lingam massage to men.

My fee for this is also £50 and you will have a happy ending.

If a couple wants to come they will get a Yoni massage for the woman and a Lingam massage for the man and they can choose who goes on the table first and interaction between the couples is perfectly OK.

My fee for this service is £90 for both of you.

If a same-sex couple comes they will get the relevant massage for their sex. I am happy to meet FM/FF/MM couples.

I can cater to more than two females if your party is bigger but contact me first for availablity and my fee.

Full body and Yoni massage  


This  lasts from 1 hour and can go longer if you are in the 'Zone'


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